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You’re the Best Bath Balms

You’re the Best Bath Balms

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No better way to say it, you’re the best. Who is that special someone in your life that deserves to know they're the best? Is it a spouse, a parent, a child, teacher, or best friend? Share your appreciation, admiration, and thoughtful affection in an awesome way with this great-smelling Musee bath balm set in fresh fragrances of lavender, sugar, and vanilla. Even better? There are surprises inside each balm: a rainbow flash tattoo, bath confetti, or a cloth hair tie.

How do I use it: Fill your tub with warm water, then drop the bath bomb in and soak in the tub.

From Musee.



  • 8-oz lavender bath balm
  • 8-oz sugar bath balm
  • 8-oz vanilla bath balm